Otro Día Tacos

Barra De Tacos EN La 90210

"People from East LA will drive to Beverly Hills for the tacos at Otro Dia..." - Manifestitude




In many Mexican cities it's traditional to sit or stand around the taco bar and order one after the other until fully satisfied! Trying various cuts of meat and combinations is highly recommended. We also recommend saying hi to the people around you as is customary in many Taquerias. You say "hola, provecho, buenos tardes.." Make new amigos as you enjoy another cerveza!

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9909 S Santa Monica Blvd
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Why Otro Día

Growing up in Beverly Hills and and Spending time in Mexico is what made me fall in Love with both;  the taco and this city ( lets be honest, the taco way more). These two contrasting lifestyles is what set me on the search for the perfect taco shop in the city that is more into handbags and shoes then Tacos. I think the city is big enough to handle both. I really hope you enjoy your experience as much as I enjoy having you at Otro Día. Sit down have a taco ( or three) and experience both worlds at Otro Día.    






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